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The attempted murder and the insurance fraud covered up by  the American Court and the Police

The fate of my daughter Christine Fritsch as an exchange student and medical student in the USA

My dear daughter (German citizen, born in Minden), the pride of our family, did nothing wrong in the USA, she is just a victim of an elite insurance fraud mafia, the modern plutocrats.  
My daughter, as a German citizen is not allowed to come home, she is a prisoner of the American insurance swindlers. 

Our homepage is based only on a part of documents that we’ve received.

Christine was an excellent student who had skipped two grades and was a junior in College at age seventen (17). My daughter (German citizenship, born May 27th, 1978 in Minden, NRW, Germany) enthusiastically wanted to study and make a career in the USA, but unfortunately she was accommodated in a criminal family as exchange student.   
Christine Fritsch, a young exchange student from Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, after innocently being involved in a car accident, is arrested by misterious circumstances in a private care home near Detroit, Michigan. 

The responsible American authorities and insurance defrauders prevent Christine's return to home.
It is all about a lot of money of various falsified assurances which the insurance swindlers effected in the name of my daughter, and they incorporated themselves as beneficiaries. 
The American insurance ring and the German civil servants enriched themselves illegaly by means of the attempted murder.
It is a criminal and unbelievable fact that American lawyers, judges, the police and German civil servants disguise the planned murder of my daughter and the insurance fraud for over 10 (ten) years now.

That’s how the modern American Mafia of insurance cheaters works today: recruiting of foreign exchange students from "decent American families'', then the completition of fake insurances and false papers of organ doners and then murder by manipulated accidents to get the money from the insurances and to sell precious organes to the rich patients.  

Because of NATIONAL INTERES ( reason of state = Staatsräson ) and on arrangement of politicians, the homicide and crimes on foreign students is covered up by the American authorities ( politicians, Police, FBI and judiciary ) and are presented to the public as „unhappy accidents“ or they never become public.
My daughter's case was not even published in the local newspaper (The Port Huron Times Herald or Marine City News).

If the insurance fraud mafia can`t kill your kids and they end up handicapped , they deviate the cases to corrupt family judges in order to make the criminals involved conservators or guardians, so the biological parents cannot take legal action in the USA. 
After that, there are endless trials in order to cover up the criminal actions of the insurance criminals. You, as parents, do not have a chance to ever find out the truth, let alone to find justice.  

The modern American mafia, like the Googasian Band, is a refined web formed of corrupt judges, lawyers, politicians, policemen, doctors and criminals, who work as a paralel state and distroyes people`s trust in the American State. 
The permanent cover up of the American justice on my daughter`s murder attempt in order to cash in the insurance does not agree with our understanding of a free state.

My apeal is adressed to you, mothers and fathers: let your kids study in your own countries or in Europe, because in the USA there are a lot of chances for the kids to get killed or become handicaped, like my own daughter. 

Please forward the link to this homepage to your friends, acquaintances, relatives and to authorities ( officials (politicians, police, etc.)


The criminal defrauder:
Maria Klazo Treusch
, now 
Masha Treusch-Pelzer
 Commissioner for the Democratic Party in City Hall
274 North Main Street
Marine City, Michigan
Ph: (810) 765-5754



The corrupt officials
Linda Seatts, now director of the insurance department at the University of Wayne, Detroit. Tel: (313) 577-3422


274 North Main St, Marine City, MI 48039, USA, Phone: (810) 765-5754

The hostparents Dr. Paul and Marie Treusch have contracted several falsified car- and life insurances for my daughter with my daughter's college money and put themselves and their accomplices into the position of the beneficiary. Those contracts were signed when my daughter was a minor as well as when she was adult. 
Some time later - one month after the last falsified insurance contract was signed - Christine was severely injured in a manipulated car accident (September 30th, 1996).

The host family Dr. Paul and Masha Treusch together with Brian Lynch (my daughter's ex-boyfriend) and Jeremy Manion had bought a car for my daughter Christine with the money for her tuition fees (27.000 Dollar, transferred to Paul and Masha Treusch's account in July 1996). 
It was identical with the car of the driver Jeremy Manion (as to the brand of car, auto model, the color, year of construction) - 1992 PONTIAC GRAND AM.

The planed accident was made with Jeremy Manion`s car ( neighbor of the Treusch`s) and the fake insurance were made together with Jeremy Manion`s mother who lives across the street from the Treusch family and with whom they were friends. 
My daughter, Christine Fritsch was sitting on the seat next to the driver so the false impression was that my daughter`s car was involved in the accident. 

Although the car of my daughter was not involved in the accident, the insurance of my daughter pays everything. 
You can read in all the documents of Mr. Attorney Googasian that the Insurance Policy Number was  “unknown”.  

I sent the first query (a registered letter) concerning the falsified signature in the insurance contract to Michigan State Police in July 2001.
Strangely that shortly afterwards on October 13th, 2001 Dr. Paul Treusch was found dead in his second home / apartment (1255 N Oakland Blvd # 100, Waterford, MI 48327-1582) in Waterford, ca. 80 kilometers from his dwelling place). The police did not investigate his mysterious death. 
Mr.Treusch was a diabetic (insulindependent) and an alcoholic. My daughter often told me that there often were disputes in the family because of Mr. Treusch's alcohol problem and that he often was not able to drive to his office because of his alcohol problem.
It is very likely that he has been murdered by his wife or an accomplice of the insurance fraud (e.g. by a larger insulin dose) because he did not know anything about the falsified university insurance that his wife had contracted or he (at best) found out about this much later when  family Treusch got the indemnification. 
The handwriting and signature belong only to his wife Marsha Treusch.

Since Mr. Treusch has been murdered (in the night of October 13th, 2001) we live with the constant fear that something could happen to my daughter or my family and that we could get murdered by Googosian and his accomplices or hired killers from Eastern Europe or elsewhere. We mainly have fear when we visit our daughter in the USA.  

My daughter told me several times that she had to do house-work at the Treuschs especially on Saturdays getting only little money and that she had to look after the Treusch’s children when the parents went out. Moreover she had to help the children doing their homework for school.  

The female cheater Maria Treusch is politically active at the city hall of Marine City, MI 48039 (now Commisioner Masha Treusch-Pelzer,the Democratic Party ). 
She candidated for the mayor position ( D ) of Marine City, MI.

The accomplices of the Treusch family are mentioned below:  

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The murderer Jeremy Luke Manion

The criminal defrauder
Brian Patrick Lynch
4414 Maple Pointe Trail,
Grand Blanc, MI 48439
He's working at a garage in Grand Blanc at the time.












4414 Maple Pointe Trail, Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439, USA, Email:; born and college degree in Port Huron, MI; broke up his study at the "University of Michigan" ("UofM") in Ann Arbor, MI. He's working at
a garage in Grand Blanc at the time.

Brian Lynch, one of the most important keymen of Googasian's ring involved in the criminal manipulation and insurance fraud.  Googasian appointed him ( with help of the corrupt judge Kirkendall) as Full-Guardian and Conservator, so that he could help them to disguise the criminal actions. 

The defrauder Brian Lynch illegally acted as translator, although he hardly knows some German.
We never had an official translator.  

In a falsified accident or life insurance with the value of one million dollars Brian Lynch was surely registered as Accident D & D Beneficiary – Michigan State Farm Insurance.
Brian Lynch got 1.000.000 Dollar as disability compensation for my daughter.
Wo do not know much money he had to give to the Googasian Ring. 
Brian Lynch bought a new villa in a classy suburb of Flint (Grand Blanc), two cars and a boat, whitch costed over $400,000.00.
- I have seen his resplendent villa.

Googasian appointed him (with the help of Hon. Kirkendall) as Full-Guardian and Conservator, without my permission so that he could help them to disguise the criminal actions. 
But Christine neither lived with him nor was she engaged or married to him.

The defrauders Brian Lynch or Masha Treusch-Pelzer illegally take my daughter's monthly disablement money from Michigan State Farm Insurance.

Miss Marisa Gibson offered us $ 500,000.00 for my daughter to come back to Germany, after the agreement with Brian Lynch from the meeting in June 14, 2001 (in the presence of 6 other persons), under these conditions:
a). We must give up trying to see the papers or to ask for the copies of my daughter's insurance.
b). There will be no further financing in Germany for my daughter`s medical care.
(Ms. Marisa Gibbons, Claim Specialist of State Farm Insurance Company, Ph:(734) 513-3946,
Fax (734)458-6653)

When my daughter was very sick (high fever with heavy stomache-ache) Brian Lynch forbade medical care for my daughter. 
The chief of the Trevino House (Mrs. Kelly Ann Clark) complained about Brian's forbiddance to 
Dr. Pearlman and sent us a copy of her complaint in a letter. We lodged a complaint to the German consulate and administrative court Berlin and added Mrs. Clark's letter as submitted evidence. The consequence was that Mrs. Clark immediately had been fired. 
She can anytime bear witness in a court of law (cell phone 248-390-6776).

The Comerica Bank ( a man named  Larry Schupbach, Ph:
(248) 358-7461, Privat Agent ) helped the criminal Brian Lynch to falsify my daughter`s banking papers in order for them to steal the money.

(learn more. . . .)

Wayne State University
School of Medicine

State Farm Insurance 







 The office of Financial and 
   Insurance Services, MI

 STATE UNIVERSITY, DETROIT   and                                                                                       

In one of the most progressive countries like the USA, it must not be possible that American host families and foreign persons can contract falsified insurances (at the state insurances and at the universities and colleges) in the name of our children and without knowledge of the children themselves or their parents. 

As beneficiary of my daughter’s insurance (Mega Life) the family of Dr. Paul and Masha Treusch is registered in the policy the Treuschs are the family where my daughter stayed in the USA. 
(Dr. Paul and Masha Treusch; 274 North Main St, Marine City, MI 48039, Ph: (810) 765-5754).
I instantly reported the falsification to the police department in Michigan by a registered letter with copies, but I did not get an answer till today.
The falsification of the handwriting and the signature was proved by a graphological analysis. 

The FBI Detroit demanded Information from us which we sent them. We did not receive an answer up to now. We hope that the FBI's investigation does not get disturbed by politicians.

The insurance companies (Michigan State Farm Insurance and Mega Life) deny inspection of files and refuse to give copies of the insurance policies to me or to my lawyer, although I am Conservator and full-Guardian; without giving any explanation for their behaviour.
We were refused any audience at the State Farm Insurance; while we were waiting in the lobby, the doorman was told to tell us that they do not want to speak to us.

Googasian's Ring could only proceed the multiple insurance fraud frictionless with the help of an internal defrauder Ring at Michigan State Farm Insurance and Mega Life Insurance; otherwise the deal would not have worked out.

Surely, with the help of his accomplices, he will make the false insurance disappear, just like our reclamations to the Michigan State Police disappeared. 

Modern American Mafia (like the Googasian gang) has a powerful  loby in Politics, justice and the American media.
None will touch the insurance cheaters, or they will reveal everything.

 OFIS (Office of Financial and Insurance Service, MI) may not get any information from the insurance company about the insurance fraud. OFIS is, as they say, not responsible for the frauds made by lawyers George Googasian, Sharby Pleban and Ronald Walker and is not allowed to interfear in theri business. Further, take a look at the falsified insurances.
( The letter of 10. 26.2004, David C. Hollister, Director & Deb McDaniels, Analist Consumer Service, Ph
: (517) 373-0220, Michigan ).

 (Learn more......)

The criminal defrauder George A. Googasian

The criminal defrauder
George A. Googasian
6895 Telegraph Road,
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Ph: (248) 540-3333,
Fax: (248) 540-7213, Email:

The criminal defrauder Attorney  
Thomas H. Howlett

   The criminal defrauder
        Craig M. Weber

Michigan State Police
Field Detective Division, 
D/Sgt.P.J. Moore
1501 Huron Street
Ypsilanti, MI,  48197


FBI Detroit


Taking an advice from Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban (as a guardian ad Litem), Brian Lynch and Marsha Treusch-Klatzo, we changed our lawyer from R. Daane to Googasian. 
I was always told that Googasian has important political functions and has powerful relations with some important politicians and he can help me better.  
I did not know that we were about to be caught in the criminal web of the Googasian Gang.  

Several Million Dollars of disability money from life insurances and payments of the Road Commission St. Clair, Michigan, USA were criminally misappropriated. 
According to a letter from the St. Clair Country Road Commission (Memorandum, Date: May 2, 1998) there is a $10,5 million as compensation, and a big part of it was stolen by Googasian`s gang. As a reward to his generous contribution to the manipulation of the accident they stole and divided between them some of the milions. 

With the help of corrupt judges and his accomplices as Conservator the Googasian gang will not let my daughter go home because they haven`t yet cashed in the money that would come from my daughter`s death insurance. 
Until now, they have only cahsed in the millions from
St. Clair Road Commission and the disablement money. 
This is the reason that my daughter is held there until her death. After 10 years, the files of St. Clair Road Commission will be destroyed and Googasians criminal actions will be time-barred.
This money was distributed among the accomplices, insurance agents and persons who hushed
Today the Googasian Ring is the modern American mafia, working like a paralell state, shattering the people's faith into the righteous state USA.

I was very naive at that time and blindly believed in my attorney Mr. Googasian because I could never imagine that an American attorney is so criminal and infamously cheated his clients.
You must act in a criminal and fraudulent manner to get rich (like Googasian). 
Attorney George Googasian and his employees John T. Roger, Craig m. Weber and Thomas H. Howlett are a disgrace to the American State.
The criminal machinery of the Googasian gand contradicts the American democracy.

They cashed in $ 170,000.00 only for my daughter's case, not to mention the millions stolen from fraud insurance.
Under the threat that we will tell the police everything and after a fight in his office, we got copies of a part of my daughter's papers in august 2001.
Although l as mother had the function of the Conservator and full-Guardian according to American Law from the beginning, I neither was informed about, nor invited to the legal proceedeing or the mediation in which my daughter's compensation was negotiated about.
I only found out about the legal proceedings and mediation by looking through Googasian files in August 2001.

The criminal defrauder Googasian is one of the star donators for the prominent politicians of the Michigan Democratic Party and exclusively at the  Governor Jennifer Granholm (D), Mr. Senator Carl Levin (D), und Ms. Debbie Stabenow (D). 
There can be only one explication: either he gave a lot of money from the stolen millions to powerful politicians, who gave orders to be covered everything up or the money were used illegally used to finance their election campaigns. 

Its steep political career  is due  to the corruption and donations to the prominent politicians and that was the only way that he and his accomplices could practice the most profitable business of all times: insurance fraud.
Please look at his plentiful donations in the Internet (from $500,00 or $5,000.00 to $100,000.00 Dollars)
With the grifted millions from the insurances he can afford to be generous and to corrupt even more persons. 

Despite all the media ( TV and newspapers ) and all my reclamations to the Police, the FBI and 
to the American and German Authorities, the Googasian gang blocked
the FBI and Police investigations.

The FBI Detroit refuses to investigate the criminal acts done by the Googasian gang, with the excuse that the faked signatures of the insurances, the manipulated reconstruction of the accident and other evidence “that there is insufficient predication to initiate an FBI investigation“ 

We got this answer after five years and two personal audiences.

(Letter from the FBI in Detroit from December 15, 2006, Mr. Daniel D. Roberts, Special Agent in Charge and Mr. Robert E. Hughes, Supervisory Senior Resident Agent )

Mr Daniel D. Roberts of the FBI Detroit was suspended due to inadequate work ( cover-up of the   corruption and the criminal actions in Michigan ) on 11.01.2007, and Mr. Andrew G. Arena became the new head of the FBI Detroit. See the 11.01.2007 report of the  FBI National Press Office.
On May 8, 2007 (from 9 to 12 o´clock in presence of a translator) we had an audience at the FBI Detroit. We hope that the FBI Detroit this time will not cover up the attempted murder of my daughter for the purpose of insurance fraud as hitherto.

The crime on my daughter for insurance fraud is a state secret for the American judiciary and the FBI Detroit.

For rich criminals ( like the Googasian-ring ) the
constitutional state  doesn’t work.

To accuse the modern Mafia or testify against them is like commiting suicide.

a.) The interesting thing is that the Ypsilanti State Police, Mr. Moore  told us in the presence of our lawyer and our translator, that our claims we had written over the years and have send to the USA (sent from Germany as well as from inside the USA) were not registered in the Police computer and that is why they could not start the investigation.
He said that the letters might have been lost in at the postal service or that we have had written false addresses on them.
At the Ypsilanti State Police, they took only a copy from us and they said that we do not have to file a complaint and that we do not need a register number; at the hearing we must only say the name of the officer who we spoke to. 
To put it more clearly: Again we have been prevented to submit a complaint.
Interesting is the fact that Googasian's Ring could make the letters at the Police disappear and prevent them from being registered. The USA are a state of right, not any state in Africa.

b) Despite his above mentioned claim, his fake statement is saved in the Michigan police-computer under the number: Incident No. 026-0001750-04 (DB), Tue, Mar 30, 2004
Although Mr. Sgt. Moore from the Michigan Police hasn’t done any investigation on the insurance documents, the fake signatures or the embezzled funds, he asserts to the Washtenaw County prosecution that no criminal acts were involved. 
(D/Sgt. P.J.Moore, Ph: (734) 482-1213, 1501 Huron S, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, E-mail: ).

My lawyer reported the falsified insurance and the falsified signatures to Mr. Mike Cox (R) (Attorney General of Michigan State) and Mr. Brian L. Mackie (D) (Chief Prosecuting Attorney of Washtenaw County, MI). He has not received an answer and none was received.

There was no answers to my letters about my daughter's murder attempt in order to cash the false insurance send to the  First Lady Laura Bush, Mr. President Bush, FBI Detroit, Governor of Michigan Ms. Governor Jennifer Granholm, woman Chancellor Angela Merkel ( the German Parliament No: 4-16-05-003-003735 ), the Police, etc.

Because the elitist persons and powerful American and German officials are involved in this worth millions insurance fraud, no doubt on politicians' orders there are further cover-ups as before.

The insurance frauds (Googasian ring) want to cover up the whole case for 10 years. 
After that everything is outdated and the falsified documents will be eliminated. 

My dear daughter will continue to suffer and she will remain the prisoner of the insurance mafia.

(Learn more......)

The corrupt German
Vice Consul

Thomas Scherer
German Consulate
, 676 N.
Michigan Avenue, Suite
3200, Chicago, IL 60611

Ph: (312) 202-0480;
now in the German Consulate General, Los Angeles, California, 
Ph: (323) 930 7622

The corrupt German Official:
former Vice Consul 

Gerhard Einheuser
German Consulate, Chicago, now 
Head of legal department, German Embassy, Bangkok,  Thailand
Tel: (0066-2) 285 6232

                                          The corrupt German Officials:
now in the German Consulate
Los Angeles, California  & 

 GERHARD EINHEUSER now  in Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, 
               Head of legal department, Bangkok, Thailand
, Tel: (0066-2) 285 6232.     

The defraudation of documents and the selling of documents to interested people is a lucrative business for the corrupt clerks of the German Consulate like Mr. Thomas Scherer, Vice-consul, and Mr. Einheuser, chief of the law department.  

Although The German Freedom of Information Act became effective in January 1st, 2006 the German authorities ( Lower House of German Parliament and Department for Foreign Affairs )  denies us access records.
Conclusion: The cover-up of the crime on my daughter is a state secret, and the law of the constitutional state (!) Germany does not apply to high-ranking public officials who steal money by insurance frauds, like in the USA

The documents of my daughter of German Consulate Chicago and from the Foreign Office have disappeared without a trace. 
(Foreign Office, Letter from November 19
rd, 2003, Gz: 507-520 E 7519;507,author OAR: Schnettger).

At the trial on the 10th of February 2003, when I - as natural mother - was dismissed from my function as Conservator and (again) the criminal Brian Lynch was appointed to my position instead, Mr. GERHARD EINHEUSER  thanked the American judge Kirkendall for his brilliant pleading and the adherence of my daughter in the USA - better said - on his idle talk with the purpose of hiding the murder attempt on my daughter and the cashing of false insurances and holding my daughter in the USA.
Mr. Einheuser - the representative of the German government - did not even mention the insurance, not to mention the insurance fraud.

In the letter from Mr. GERHARD EINHEUSER  to the Prosecuting Attorney Bielefeld (44 Js 1661/05) he strongly affirms that the German Consulate found out about my daughter's accident only in 2001.
Although the former consul, Dr. Marianne Wannow, visited me and my daughter at the Ann Arbor University Hospital, about 2 weeks after the accident, in Oct. 1996.
Plus, the German Consulate received my daughter's accident protocol from the St. Clair Police Department via fax (on the 17th
of October), which was never send to me. See Consulate Stamp on the fax.
It is impudent of Mr. Einheuser to state that the German Consulate received information about my daughter's accident only at the middle of 2001.
A blank in his memory and the memory gap is an elementary condition to a corrupt civil servant, who forgot everything that might incriminate him.

From the beginning the corrupt German officials  of the consulate have covered up everything and lied to me.
The German consulate in Chicago, (Mr. Thomas Scherer, Viceconsul and Mr. Gerhard Einheuser)  were bribed by the Googasian Ring and always advised me to do nothing and just to wait composedly.  

The German Consulate Chicago refuses to demand any information about my daughter's insurances from the insurance companies or from the American authorities (Insurance or Court Ann Arbor, MI) with the excuse '' that this request would not be successful ''.
(Dagmar Schmidt of SPD; Letter of Generalkonsulat Chicago from April 23rd, 2004, Gz.: RK 520 Fritsch).

According to the letter from 13.12.2004 from the Committee on Petitions „the german government can’t help my daughter“ 
(Karlheinz Guttmacher,from
the FDP. President of the Committee on Petitions of the Parlament   Pet: 4-15-05-003-016208a ).

For the German Foreign Office in Berlin „the nationality of my daughter plays a secondary role“ 
(Letter from 13.12.2001 of the Department for Foreign Affairs, Gz: 507-520 E 7519, 507, Author: Heinrich Schnettger) 

Conclusion: The homicide and crimes done to our children in the USA and other foreign countries are considered a private affair of the affected families by the German Government, the German embassies and consulates and thus we as parents are at the mercy of the criminal gangs.

The Committee on Petitions refuses us access records or copies of the submitted statements of the Foreign Office to the German Parliament. 
The German government denies to ask the American authorities, if my daughter ist the victim of an insurance fraud.

( Letter from the April 13
rd, 2005, Wolfram Kolodziej-Derfert and leter from February 21rd,2007, 
Margrit Weisel und Kersten Naumann, from the Linke/PDS, President of the C
ommittee on Petitions, )

Because we weren’t allowed access records we assume that on behalf of the German authorities, the American authorities made the passport of my daughter “physical invalid” or that her German citizenship was detracted because the Googasian Ring could supply her the American citizenship.  

The German consulate and the Government not only have assisted to cover up the criminal acts, but have actively hindered my daughter from coming home. That’s why access records was refused.

As political civil servants, these defrauders enjoy a special treatment, the law does not apply to them like to any other citizen; they are above the law of the German State.

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The corrupt Judge: John N. Kirkendall, suspended because of his corruption 2005 Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Hon. Darlene O' Brien
Hon. Darlene O' Brien
Family Division, Washtenaw County Trial Court 
Ph: (734) 222-3072
101 East Huron Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645






































































The cheater Paul DeCailly
124 Pearl Street, Suite 603
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Ph: (734) 222-9835
Fax: (734) 2229835


The corrupt Judge JOHN N. KIRKENDALL, Family Division Washtenaw County
Trial Court, Ann Arbor, Michigan; File No. 96-110,125-CG
( former Guardian ad litem ) 
2950 S.State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Ph: (734) 222-6200, Email:

Since we have faced insurmountable obstacles from American and German authorities, in November 2005 (for 3 weeks) we protested with banners against the arbitrariness of the American judge Kirkendall outside of the court in Ann Arbor and outside of the senate of the state of Michigan (Lansing).

Because of corruption and concealment of money thats entitled to handicapped people (with the
help of insurance frauds), Judge Kirkendall was suspended from his office on November 23rd2005.
The Governor in the past James Blanchard (of Democratic Party ) has appointed Mr. John Kirkendall  judge. 

Judge Kirkendaall and his gang have defalcated a few million dollar from the judiciary and from disabled and elder persons. Only in 11 cases (out of 722 cases) the prosecution could get 300,000 dollar back.
You can read about it on the Internet in and the Newspapers The Ann Arbor News  (November 23
rd, 2005 ) and The Ann Arbor Observer (May 2007).

We were lied to and cheated in the USA.

For fear of the insurance swindlers
none of my attorneys wanted to appeal, because they would be better off financially when they would assist to cover up everything.

In all likelihood the insurance frauds have negotiated a deal with the Judiciary and the Prosecution and thus could buy themselves free. 
That’s why the Judiciary and the FBI refuse to start an investigation at  the St. Clair Road Commission on the insurance fraud and the defalcation of the money.

We were blackmailed and we were put under considerable pressure by the German and American authorities who request that we shall not mention the insurance fraud, the manipulated reconstruction of the accident and names of the  corrupt executives.  

A lot of data and videotaping (DVD) of my daughter and the trials with Judge John Kirkendall and Darlene O´Brien are not findable any more or were partially or completely deleted.

After yhe criminals distroed my daughter, cashed the milions from the fake insurances and some other milions from the St.Clair Road Commission Budget , they stole my daughter`s ransom also.

 The criminal defrauder, Lawyer Sharbyn Pleban ( appointed Guardian ad litem by Judge Kirkendall ) stole, in June 2001, all the compensation money for my daughter ($ 407,846.77) from Comerica Bank and split the money with Judge Kirkendall, Brian Lynch and other cheats. 
According to the nov 2nd fax 2006 adressed to the Washtenaw Probate Court, the confiscated money were split between the defrauders. Total stolen money: $ 208.206,45
-- Sharbyn Pleban - $86.447,43 Dollar;( 86.447,43 + 35.000,00 = $121,447.43 stolen ) Separately she could rip off $35.000 only in 2001 from the compromised Michigan State Insurance. We weren’t allowed to learn how much money she got in those 7 years from all the insurances.
( 2950 S.State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Ph: (734) 222-6200, Email: )
-- Brian Lynch was given only $ 43,412.50 which he put in his Bank1One (now "Chase") account  in Ann Arbor.( 4414 Maple Pointe Trial,Grand Blanc, MI 48439, Email: and
-- Andrew L . Blemish - $69.796,91 to my lawyer who has cheated us basely and was separately payed with $10,000.00. 
( A.L. Bemish, P.C. 409 Plymouth Road, Suite 200, Plymouth, Michigan 48170; (734) 459-7990;

-- Constance Jones - $22;309,84 ; Brian Lynch`s attorney ( 300 N. Fifth Ave., Ste. 220, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104; Tel: (734) 747-9989, Fax: 734-994-1201, email: 
-- Francis D. Grohnert - 17.250,52 Dollar ( as a Attorney ad litem) 8077 Main St; Dexter, MI 48130-1027; Phone (734) 426-4597; email: )
There is no mention in the fax of how much money judge Kirkendall and the german worker
(Viceconsul Thomas Scherer , Gerhard Einheuser und Ms. Dagmar Schmidt of SPD) received.

Only now, on the 2nd of november 2006, after 5 years, did we find out about the stolen monet from my daughter`s account and about my lawyer, Andrew L. Blemish.

Cheating his clients by charging more money is not ilegal in the USA and the Police, or the FBI  are not allowed to interfear with in justice`s bussines.
This kind of cheating is considered a private business of the affected people.

The continuing cover up of my daughter`s murder attempt by judge                        
   Darlene O'Brien in order to cash in the false insurance, Family division from         
   Washtenaw County Trial Cout in Ann Arbor, Tel: (734) 222-3072, Michigan, USA. 

In John Kirkendall's place, Governor Jennifer Granholm ( D ) named Judge Darlene O'Brien as a family judge.
Judge Darlene O´Brien denies to institute investigations regarding the insurance fraud and the defalcation of millions of dollars by the St. Clair Road Commission. She instructed all the lawyers not to mention the insurance fraud any more.

Under Judge Darlene O´Briens control the rest of my daughter´s money ( 201,000.00 dollar) is being stolen by fake bills, like under the control of judge Kirkendall; e.g. Brian Lynch´s lawyer, Constance Jones got 5,200.50 dollar.

Mr. Dennis Mauch told us on May 10th, 2007 ( in presence of Mr. Milton Hill and a translator) that only judge Darlene O´Brien could request access records of the insurance companies by warrant, but she would not do that because she was told to cover up the whole issue by powerful politicians. 
These powerful politicians are definitively Googasian and the politicians he bribed from the Michigan Democratic Party.

A. At the first trial, in May 25th 2006, we were accused by Brian Lynch and his accomplices due to our website . This website is an offense to the fraud mafia. 
My lawyer refused to mention the false signatures and the false insurance and said it was because judge O`Brien  is too busy with the fraud insurance; or, at the judge`s order, this theme is not under discussion. I was not allowed to speak and noone asked for my opinion.  
The trial that took place was  bogus and our impression remained: everything will be covered up like before.
We did not get an authorized translator although we insisted on that. I had to pay again for my own translator. 

After she listened to what the lawyers had to say, judge O'Brien decided:
a). The Wright to speak is guaranteed by the American Constitution. We only have to delete from our website the insurance number so it will not be used abusively by other persons.

b). Brian Lynch (as a conservator and guardian) and Francis Grohnert (as guardian ad Litem) are released immediately from their functions and I immediately received my function as a conservator and full-guardian that was illegally taken from me by judge Kirkendall.

c). Christi
ne`s case will be reconsidered. The next trial will take place in the next 3 months after the stolen money and insurance policies issues will be solved.
For the whole problem, there will be 2 new conservators and guardians: Denis E. Mauch and 
Mr. Milton Hill.
After the decisions were announced, Mr. Grohnert asked to speak for the third time and asked when the decision of him being released from his function will be effective. The judge instantly answered: "From right now. From this very moment on.". These decisions and Mr. Grohnert's following third intervention, both were deleted from the video tape. 
The decisions made by judge Darlene O'Brien were confirmed severeal times by our private translator and by lawyer.

B. Only at the court procedure on September 7th , 2006 and the Mediation on November 11th, 2006 we found out about the dimension of the illegal cover-up and the manipulation of the  DVD of the court procedure.
The reason for the complete revision of the court orders can be easily guessed: either the judge O'Brien was corrupted by the Googasian gang or she had to modify her decision at the order of the politicians.

1.) From the may 30th 2006 decision, Brian Lynch was left as a Conservator and Full Guardian until the end of the year although judge O’Brien knew that since 2001, Brian Lynch, Judge Kirkendall and Sharbyn Pleban stole my daughter’s money and that he had a key position in Googasian`s  fraud insurance.
We were not informed by anyone about the decisions made. For 4 years Brian Lynch did not file a report to the family division of Ann Arbor.
This fact, that Brian Lynch did not do what he was supposed to do as a guardian  not to mention the stolen money was not a problem for judge O'Brien.
And the fact that he got married meanwhile did not stop judge O'Brien to make him conservator for his ex-girlfriend. 

2). According to the private investigation of the family division of Ann Arbor, only $ 201.000 could be recuperated from $ 407,846.77 which were put into Brian Lynch`s account as a conservator (Chase Bank in Ann Arbor) and which he split into 3 other accounts.   
Hon. Judge O'Brien and the two secretaries are doing a detective's job.  
By her own wish, judge O'Brien and the two secretaries try to find the stolen money so they can keep covering up the criminal actions of the Googasian gang.  

. Our letter with copies from the false insurance papers sent on 19. 06.2006 to Hon. O'Brien (with confirmation in Germany) can not be found in my daughter's file and is not in the computer, either. As long as the letter is not in the computer, it can easily be stolen.
You have here a copy of the post office confirmation with the signature that confirms the fact that it was received by the court. 

4). The two video tapes with the 25.05.2006 and 07.09.2006 recordings that we received from the secretary (Ms. Teresa A. Killen, Ph: (734) 222-3006) shows the end of the recording (from 03:49:31 PM minimum 5 minutes) with the important decisions that the judge announced and that were deleted from the recording.
This is a criminal act in the justice process. Without this deletion of the recording the decisions made would not have been revised. This was a perversion of justice and breaking of the law.
Here you find a recording from both of the video-cds. 

5.) Although we informed judge Darlene O'Brien on the September 7th, 2006 hearing about the false insurance and signatures, she ordered only one mediation for the September 11th, 2006 hearing instead of sending my daughter's criminal case to the criminal division. 
The Googasian gang could have covered everything up for 10 years, only with the help of the corrupt judges.

6.) Again, my lawyer would not say anything about the false insurance and signatures. 
But I had the chance to speak and told them about the false insurance and the true character of Brian Lynch. The judge was annoyed by my unexpected speech and left the court immediately. She ordered a mediation for Tuesday, September 11th, 2006.  

7.) The care home chief Ms. Moore said under ought that my daughter wants to come home. 
Her permanent wish to come home and her freedom are not respected by the American justice.

(Ms. Dawn E. Moore, Ph: (248) 879-4542,emai:                        

8.) The judge recommended to my lawyer to file the requests to the insurance companies and to ask for information about the stolen money but my lawyer has no right on inspection of records or to receive information because the juridical function as a mother and Conservator in the USA was taken away from me.
It would be naive to think that the insurance companies would admit that the insurances are false or that money were stolen with the help of the false insurance policies.

As long as the police, the FBI , the prosecuting attorney and an independent institute of graphology will not investigate the false hand writing and signatures, they can continue lying. They act just like in the corrupt Kirkendall case; it is the same game, but different players. 

9.) At the September 11th, 2006 mediation we were told many times: “we are not allowed to speak about the false signatures, fraud insurance and stolen money, this is all in the past and we must forget about this” or “if we continue to speak about the murder attempt, false insurance and fraud insurance, the American insurance will not continue to pay for my daughter's care in Germany and the USA and we have to think only about the future. Period.”
Mediation is a judicial procedure (without written or electronic notes) where rich criminals and frauds meet with their victims. Therby the wrong impression arouses that victims and criminals have reconciled. Criminals and corrupt judges use mediation to avoid penal law in the constitutional state USA.

10. Denis E. Mauch and Milton Hill (new members of the Gaugasian gang) were appointed as Conservator and Guardian on may 30th, 2006, to cover up the criminal actions of the insurance frauds.
Only with Mr. Denis Mauch as American Conservator, they can cash in the insurance money and the left financial assets ($201,000.00) when my daughter is dead.

After the death of my daughter (or after she has been killed) the criminals can sell her organs, because she has an organ donor card which is at Brian Lynch or Masha Treush-Pelzer.
By appointing their accomplices as conservators, criminals can steal money from foreigners and American citizens in a legal way. 
Therefore, I was not used as a Conservator.

For the American judiciary i’m just a “foreign person or an interested person” because my judicial function as bodily mother and the official supervision in the USA were withdrawn from me by the judiciary.
(Mr. Dennis E. Mauch, Interim Guardian and Conservator, Krasny and Associates, 1117 N.First St., Suite 111, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, (734) 995-2723, e-mail:        
(Mr. Milton Hill; Guardian Ad Litem, PO Box 130071, Ann Arbor, MI 48113, (734) 996-8575)

11 ). My lawyer PAUL DECAILLY  abandoned his brief without letting us know. Though he did not work for us any longer, he communicated with us via e-mail and requested 10,000.00 Dollar for an alleged appeal.
We remitted him 3,000 dollar in December 2006, and we should remit the rest of the sum later, when he has a hearing at the Supreme Court in Detroit, so he said.
On May 7th, 2007 we visited him in attendance of a translator (Mrs. A. Peroz) end he affirmed to us several times that he will continue working for us and that he will arrange an appointment with the insurance company etc.The next day at Washtenaw Court (Ann Arbor, MI) we found out about his base deceit.
He probably was obliged to abandon his brief by judge Darlene O`Brien or he was bribed by the insurance defrauders like my former lawyers George Googasian, Andrew Bemish, George Heitmanis, Ronald E. Walker, etc. 
( Law Offices of Paul DeCailly, PLC; 124 Pearl Street,Suite 603, Ypsilanti,MI 48197 , Phone: 734-222-9838; Fax: 734-222-9835; E-mail: and Tampa,Florida (Satellite Office) 3001 N.Rocky Point Drive.E.Ste 200, TAMPA, FL 33607, Ph: (813) 286-2909,Fax: (813) 289-7748, )  

This modern way of defraud – the defraud and rip off of clients and being bribed by the opposition side – is not illegal in the USA and is considered as private affair of the parties. 
This “legal defraud” is common practice of lawyers in the USA.

The family judge O'Brien from the Washtenaw County Trial Court (Ann Arbor, MI, USA) treats the criminal facts in this case like a family quarrel as if I was married to Brian Lynch and we were fighting for our daughter.

As long as the criminal case is being judged at the family division in Washtenaw County Trial Court and the legal procedure is not respected, everything will be covered up, we will be lyed to.

At the courtroom and at the mediation we were told a couple of times to „forget the past and look into the future“
The worries of the Ann Arbor Court were, whether the fraud Brian Lynch could furthermore administer the remaining moneys of my daughter in Germany, whether Brian Lynch and his wife could visit Christine 2 or 3 times a year on her expenses, et cetera. 
The wish of my daughter to return to Germany and her torments didn’t play a role for them and the life of my daughter is worth less.

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 The corrupt Judge: Peter E. Deegan

The corrupt Judge  
Peter E. Deegan
St. Clair County Circuit
201 McMorran Blvd,
Port Huron, MI 48060

Ph: (810) 985-2050, Email:

The criminal defrauder Prof. Dr. Ronald W. Eck

The criminal defrauder 
Prof. Dr. Ronald W. Eck
 West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506-6103
Ph: (304) 293-303, 

                            MANIPULATED RECONSTRUCTION OF THE CAR ACCIDENT                                 
 Manipulated reconstruction by the Road Commission St. Clair, MI, USA           
 ( The corrupt judge Peter E. Deegan, lawyers G. Googasian, Michael John          
 and Ronald Eck ); Case No. 97-000801-NI   

The attorney Googasian told me in 1998 that the court in St. Clair (Hon. Peter E. Deegan) declined a court action with a jury. Nevertheless a mysterious court action under control of  Hon. Peter Deegan took place only with participation of the cheaters on January 25th, 1999.

Although I was legal conservator and full guardian for my daughter according to the American law, I (as mother) was not informed by anyone. I got to know it by chance from the Googasian documents only in 2001.

The responsible persons: Hon. Peter E. Deegan, Attorney Michael John, George Googasian accompanied by his assistants Thomas H. Howlett and Craig M. Weber.
Under supervision of the American court (Hon. Peter Deegan and Hon. John Kirkendall) an assassination attempt and several insurance frauds were hushed up.

On lawyer Googasian’s order a manipulated reconstruction of the car accident was proceeded by the St. Clair police department, Michigan under the supervision of  The defrauder Prof. Ronald W. Eck. 
The manipulated reconstruction was made by the Road Commission St. Clair and the police; it is a falsification, noticeable even for non-experts. 
The manipulated reconstruction had only one aim, that was to prove that a traffic light was there at the intersection on the day of the accident (September 30th, 1996) being there since 1989, according to the bogus documents of the Road Commission (attorney Mr. Michael John and the expert Professor Ronald W. Eck from the West Virginia University).

Deputy Randy Moore (the investigating police officer, originally responsible for the case)accepted all the falsifications which criminally had been added by  Sergeant DAN LANE (Sheriff)  to the police report which was later established. 

The police of Marine City and of St. Clair worked with two different dossiers.

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