The corrupt Judge
John N. Kirkendall


 The corrupt Judge JOHN N. KIRKENDALL     
 State of Michigan, The Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, Ann Arbor,           
 Richter Hon.
Kirkendall, File No. 96-110,125-CG, Hon. John N. Kirkendall                         
 Family Division Washtenaw County Trial Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645                     
 Ph: (734) 994-2476, Fax: (734) 996-3033, Email: 


( former Guardian ad litem ) 
2950 S.State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Ph: (734) 222-6200, Email:

Since we have faced insurmountable obstacles from American and German authorities, in November 2005 (for 3 weeks) we protested with banners against the arbitrariness of the American Hon. Kirkendall outside of the court in Ann Arbor 
and outside of the senate of the state of Michigan (Lansing).
 Look at photos below 

We were adressed by the American media (The Ann Arbor News und TV-NBC) and we were interviewed in presence of an official translator. We handed out over 4.000 flyers to passer-bys and drivers. There was much excitement.

It is very interesting that the politicians and the judicial authorities (despite of the hundreds of reclamations) have supported the corrupt judge Kirkendall for so long at the expense of truth and
justice in the juridical system.

Several lawsuits with Hon. Kirkendall during 2 months (July - August 2001), each from 9.00 to 16.00 o'clock, were just blather - a masquerade- , just to destract from the illegalities, they covered up and lied to the disadvantage of my daughter and my family.  

After reading our banners and flyers, the passer-bys and drivers supported us, some of them hugged us, and many of them said 
to us that "the American system is very corrupt". 
We were pleasently surprised of the American citizens' support.

Several lawsuits with Hon. Kirkendall during 2 months (July - August 2001), each from 9.00 to 16.00 o'clock, were just blather - a masquerade - , just to destract from the illegalities, they covered up and lied to the disadvantage of my daughter and my family.

We received the protocol (for 750 Dollar) which were typed by Hon. Kirkendall's secretary. 
The protocols  which we received did not include my important testimonies or testimonies of the other witnesses.
These transcripts are falsifification of documents.

I did not want to participate in following lawsuits or mediations with Hon. Kirkendall, it would not serve a purpose and would have been a waste of time and money. I just wanted to have a judgement (no matter what - positive or negative), so that my attorney could file an appeal, to get away of Hon. Kirkendall

But Hon.Kirkendall never made a definitive decision and everything was postponed and left open, so there was no way to file an appeal?? (according to American attorneys!)

As long as Hon. Kirkendall would have been in charge of my daughter's case, there would not have been any justice; the planned murderer of my daughter for the purpose of the insurance fraud continue to be covered up. 

Hon. Kirkendall's and Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban's concerns were: if Brian Lynch still can administer my daughter's money in Germany; 
if he can visit Christine 2 or 3 times in Germany; if the medical care for Christine in Germany is as good as in the USA, etc.
My daughter's wish to return to Germany and her suffering are not significant to them.  

I wrote letters about these falsifications to Mr. Bemish, to the police and Judge Kirkendall. I wrote a letter to Judge Kirkendall, but Mr. Attorney Bemish gave the letter back to me being very nervous and offended, saying: 
“You are never allowed to send directly a letter to a judge in the USA.” 
My attorney Mr. Bemish has always warned me to say anything about falsifications. I was called a difficult and noncooperative person by the Americans and the German consulate in Chicago because I, as mother, refused to contribute to covering up the criminal actions concerning the organized planned murder of my daughter and the insurance fraud.  

In July 2001 we did not get a complete copy of my daughter's dossier. Important documents were kept back from me, namely the appointment of Brian Lynch as Full-Guardian and Conservator. (Conservator means in the American law:  administrator of my daughter's money and capital).  
I found out about this illegal appointment by chance later in the year 2001.

Hon. Kirkendall - according to a mediation of Attorney Googasian from February 12th, 1999 - appointed the criminal Brian Lynch as Full-Guardian and Conservator without my agreement, I did not know anything about that.

The dossier of my daughter (No.96-110125-CG, Probate Court County of Washtenaw)  is taken down by number and micro photographed, from page 016189 to page 016206 - on the 28th of October 1996, (total of 18 pages) - Hon. Judge Karl V. Fink. When Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban was nominated as Guardian ad litem by Hon. Judge Kirkendall on November the 19th, 1996 the dossier was not taken down by number anymore and not microphotographed (total of 36 pages). 
Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban (Guardian ad litem) and Hon. Judge Kirkendall work with two different dossiers.  

Only with Brian Lynch as Conservator Googasian's ring can get death benefit or money from possibly eisting life insurances when my daughter dies.

By judge decision I was removed as Full-Guardian and Conservator of my daughter on Febuary the 10th 2004 and granted once again to criminal Mr. Brian Lynch. In a note of my attorney Mr. Bemish I was named as “interested party“. That means that other people determine my visitations, that I have got no rights in medical review and consultation and was not accepted by the State Farm Insurance etc.

The protocols (written down from the recording tape) which we got (paid with 700 Dollars) do not contain the complete interrogation that was spoken during the court procedure and they are not attested by a notary as usual.  

The attorney Mr. Bemish did not like to make an appeal because he did not want to irritate Judge Kirkendall. Therefore I recalled him. 

 The continuing cover up of my daughter`s murder attempt by Hon. Judge Darlene O`Brien in order to cash  
 in the false insurance, Fami y division from Washtenaw County Trial Cout in Ann Arbor, Tel: (734) 222-3072, 
 Michigan, USA. 

Continuation from precedent page: Curious happenings took place on the September 2006 hearing and the 11 September 2006 mediation. Everything was staged and we were treated like stupid and inexperienced people.

After we insisted with e-mails to our lawyer, the judge hired an authorized translatr for the September 7 2006 trial. We were allowed to speak to her only shortly before the trial. She was introduced to us at 4.15 PM.
A day before the trial, on September 6, we were informed by our lawyer that at 11 we were invited by Ms Killeen, the judge`s secretary, to discuss important things before the trial that was about to take place at 3.30 PM. But at 9 o`clock we were told by phone that the meeting would not take place any more.

A few days before we sent many e-mails to lawyers, organisations, newspapers, etc. In Ann Arbor and invited them to attend the 
3.30 PM trial.
The trial was supposed to begin at 3.30 PM. At 3.30, the court was full of people but the trial was not yet announced; only at 4.15 the translator was introduced to us on the hallway by Ms. Killeen and we were announced that our trial would begin after 5 PM.
We thought that it was very weird because the judicial building( very well guarded by policemen and metal detectors) closes at 
4.30 PM and no one is let in.

At 5 PM there were only us and the lawyers in the court. The trick functioned: other people were forbidden from entering the court. In the history of Washtenaw Court of Ann Arbor there never was a trial that took place after 5 PM, but everything is possible 
if these powerful mafia and judge O`Brien have something to hide.
The mediation was staged, was an attempt to get me and my daughter` s murderer to make up just like judge O`Brien said. 
There were no video or audio recordings. 

At the mediation they proposed; if Brian Lynch is allowed to administrate the money left in the USA, if Brian Lynch together with his wife can visit my daughter in Germany; If Brian Lynch can act like a manager for the State Farm Insurance money; all these absurd requests were to be presented to the judge as if they were proposed by us.  

They will be heavily paid for their gibberish from my daughter`s insurance money. 
We did not get an authorized translator although we insisted on that. I had to pay again for my own translator. 

A day before the mediation ( at about 11 o`clock on Monday, September 1o 2006) we asked Ms.Killeen for the two video recordings and got them. With this occasion, she wanted to spek to us about my daughter`s case before the mediation. At this discussion attended the second secretary, who wouldn`t tell us his name.
From the discussion and the papers presented to us, we got these conclusions;

Both secretaries did not know how much money was stolen, they wanted us to tell them that. At the judge`s orders, they search for the stolen money on their own, in stead of letting the criminal division, the police or the FBI handle this.

The detroit news newspaper did not accept our private announcement ( price : 169 dollars):
" We are willing to offer $100,000.00 to a US attorney or legal organization, if you can help us in the case of my daughter to bring her case in front of the Supreme Court in order to re-establish justice and bring the truth to the surface. For more information: Please contact us:

  The Judicial Tenure Commission of the state Michigan has not given us an answer concerning the insurance fraud, which we had complained about.

 The Attorney Grievance Commission officially accepted Attorney Googasian's declaration and sent it to us. 
The insurance fraud that we complained about was not mentioned at all
(Mr.Stephen P. Vella, Senior Associate Counsel).  

My daughter’s speech therapist, Mrs. Tamara Afetian, who was working at the private hospital Special Tree for 14 years, told me that she wanted to leave the clinic soon. I suppose that she was separated because she had the courage to tell the truth in court about my daughter’s wish to go to home to Germany. 
And the truth was that my daughter’s wish to
return to home was not only expressed by using one key of the computer, but by telling it by her own ability to formulate her thoughts with the help of the computer.

 The defrauder: Attorney Sharbyn Pleban (then Guardian ad Litem) alone has got over 35.000$ from the car      
 insurance (State Farm of Michigan) for her Guardianship ad Litem only from June 2001 to May 2002.                               
 Besides she’s got money from the compensation money of my daughter, in addition to the bribe money from Attorney  
 Googasians  and the Treusch family.
She is officially responsible for my daughter since 5 years but has not visited her for 4 years until July 2001. Mrs. Pleban did not know the intellectual and physical situation of Christine. 
Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban was terminated in her function as “Guardian ad litem” because of her illegal actions. 
The most important accomplice of Judge Kirkendall concerning the covering of the planned murder and the insurance fraud was Mrs. Attorney Sharbyn Pleban and now Attorney Francis D. Grohnert - attorney ad litem.
(Francis D.Grohnert,
8077 Main St, P.O. Box 386 Dexter, MI 48130, (734) 426- 4597,

The most important accomplice of Judge Kirkendall concerning the covering of the planned murder and the insurance fraud was Sharbyn Pleban and Attorney Francis D.Grohnert now guardian ad litem.
( Sharbyn Pleban, 2950 S.State St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Ph: (734) 222-6200, email: and -( Attorney Francis D. Grohnert, 8077 Main St, P.O. Box 386 Dexter, MI 48130, (734) 426-4597, email: )    

The most frequent phrase used by the insurance defrauders (Judge Kirkendall, Att. Googasian, Sharbyn Pleban, Constance Jones, Francis Grohnert, Heitmanis, etc.) in their argumentations for their criminal acts were:  “we act in Christine's best interest”. It is an utter mockery.
One must be thick-skinned to be able to permanently lie in court.


     protest in front of the Courthouse in Ann Arbor, MI ( Nov, 2005 )          protest in front of the Senat in Lansing, MI ( Nov, 2005 ) 

                                            protest in front of the Senat in Lansing, MI ( November, 2005 )

   protest in front of the White House, Washington, D.C. ( May, 2007 )                     . . . and in front of the Capitol

Because of corruption and concealment of money thats entitled to handicapped people (with the help of insurance frauds), Judge Kirkendall was suspended from his office at November 23rd, 2005.

Judge Kirkendall to resign 
Lawyer has filed grievance about his handling of custody case 

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005 
Assistant Metro Editor AND SUSAN OPPAT News Staff Reporter 
Washtenaw County Probate Judge John N. Kirkendall, whose court came under scrutiny last year over its mishandling of conservatorship cases, has told court officials he will resign, The News has learned. 
In an e-mail sent out today to court officials and others, Kirkendall said he plans to submit his resignation to the governor in order to spend more time with his family and to take advantage of an opportunity to assist in the development of a national mediation service. Kirkendall, who has a little more than a year left on his current six-year term, did not indicate in the e-mail when the resignation would be effective, but called it a "family decision'' made by him and his wife. 
Kirkendall and other court officials could not be reached for comment this morning. 
The announcement came a day after an attorney revealed in court he had filed a grievance with the state Judicial Tenure Commission against Kirkendall over his handling of a child custody case. 
The complaint filed by Ypsilanti attorney Gregory W. Graessley alleges Kirkendall exhibited a pattern of deferring and delaying decisions in the custody case, leaving the 4-year-old boy involved in the dispute enrolled as a preschool student in two school districts. The complaint alleged that at a Nov. 3 hearing the judge declared everything was cleared up and "was unable to comprehend'' that the child was still enrolled in two different preschools by his divorced parents. 
Kirkendall was removed as chief probate judge last year after a state investigation showed court-appointed conservators in a number of cases had misappropriated money from trust accounts. 
Another judge was brought in to reorganize the probate court, leading to nearly $300,000 in misappropriated funds being recovered in at least 11 conservatorship cases. 
Kirkendall was removed from the custody case on Tuesday by Washtenaw County Chief Circuit Court Judge Archie Brown. Kirkendall declined to comment on Tuesday to a reporter. 
An official with the state Judicial Tenure Commission would not confirm a grievance had been filed, citing confidentiality. 
A copy of the grievance was included in paperwork filed in probate court as part of a motion by Graessley on Tuesday asking Kirkendall to recuse himself from the case. After Kirkendall refused to recuse himself, the motion was taken on immediate appeal to Brown. 
Graessley said in court that he filed the judicial misconduct grievance against Kirkendall on Nov. 18. He cited the grievance as one of the reasons Kirkendall should recuse himself. 
In removing Kirkendall from the custody case, Brown agreed that there was at least an appearance that Graessley's client did not receive the benefit of due process because Kirkendall did not make a decision. Brown made a point during the hearing that he was dismissing Graessley's additional claims that Kirkendall was biased against Graessley or his client because of the grievance filing. 
Brown said "every judge has great discretion in the decision-making process, how to manage the court, and how he interacts with the Friend of the Court,'' but that there was an appearance of "impropriety'' on Kirkendall's part. 
In his written motion, Graessley claimed that among other things during an Oct. 13 hearing to determine where the pre-school son of divorced parents should attend school, Kirkendall said he had made a decision, then left the courtroom to consult with the social caseworker. When the judge returned, Graessley said, Kirkendall said he would not rule, told the parties to appear before the social worker and she would decide. 
Graessley argued that social workers provide information to judges, and that judges may consider it when they make a decision - but that the ruling must be made by a judge. Without a judge, attorneys may not attend, object to decisions, or cross-examine witnesses. 
In his written motion to have Kirkendall removed from the custody case, Graessley alleged that Kirkendall remains under "ongoing examination'' by both the state and Washtenaw County courts. 
"This means there has been heightened scrutiny of the judicial conduct of the Honorable John N. Kirkendall for a significant period of time. This has created an atmosphere of elevated examination of (his) judicial performance by individuals empowered to evaluate, discipline and direct his conduct as a seated jurist.'' 
Brown said he was unaware of any current "heightened scrutiny'' of Kirkendall's cases. 
The State Supreme Court removed Kirkendall as chief probate judge in 2004 and appointed Circuit Judge Donald Shelton to his place after a state auditor's check found potential discrepancies in 722 active conservator cases. 
In a series of hearings last year, Shelton found a number of conservators had misappropriated funds from trust accounts for minors and others who cannot manage their own financial affairs. 
Washtenaw County Deputy Chief Assistant Prosecutor Steven Hiller said Tuesday that the large criminal investigation into the conservatorsremains active and open. 
Kirkendall, 67, the longest serving judge currently on the Washtenaw County bench, was appointed to a vacancy in the Probate Court in 1986 by then Gov. James Blanchard (D) and has won reelection several times since then. 
Probate Court is part of Family Court and handles divorce, child custody and estate cases. 
Susan Oppat can be reached at  or at (734) 482-1166.