Christine Beate Fritsch      before the planned             accident                                 

Christine Beate Fritsch      before the planned             accident                                 

Christine after the               accident                                 

Christine after the                accident                                  

Christine after the              accident                                

Christine with her mother




























My dear daughter Christine Fritsch lives as a prisoner of the insurance defrauders in a nursing home in Troy, Michigan. The nursing home belongs to Special Tree Rehabilitation System,  Michigan.

My dear daughter, the pride of my family, is a planned victim of a criminal elitist Mafia of insurance fraud, she is a prisoner of the criminals involved.
My daughter Christine Fritsch, former exchange student, then medical student at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (unmarried, born on May 27th, 1978 in Minden, NRW, Germany) became the victim of a planned murder by members of Michigan’s Insurance Fraud Ring in 1996. They illegally received the compensation money from the falsified accident and life insurances. 

I still believe that the USA is a constitutional state where an appeal will take place in a trial with a jury and fairness will triumph.  

After this unscrupulous
Insurance Fraud Ring caused a bad disability (100%) to my daughter, it withholds my daughter's return to Germany in order to receive death benefit or money from possibly existing life insurances when my daughter dies.

Cristine was an excellent student who had skipped two grades and was a junior in college at age of seventeen. 

Shortly after the accident I daily visited my daughter in the University of Michigan Hospital 
for 6 months.
There I was told about taking organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) from my daughter 
when she dies.
My daughter never said something like it. I am convinced that the Treusch family has something to do with this fact.
(Re: Fritsch Christine, The University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Anbor, Michigan, Reg No: 2 705 261 7; Departament of Surgery, Section of General Surgery, Wendy L. Wahl, M. D. Attending Surgeon; Aki Puryear, M.D. Resident Surgeon)

 B.  My daughter is only a living investment for the private hospital (Michigan State Farm Insurance pays nearly 700 Dolars a day).
No one practices with Christine on her Computer (Dynavox), no one is interested in her to be able to express her own wishes and thoughts, namely that she wants to go back to Germany 
or that she is being tormented.

At first my daughter coud slowly write, wich she cannot anymore. Noone supported her abilities to write beause the insurance cheater and owner of the Home (Special Tree Rehabilitation System) do not want her to write down her wishes to come home. 
Piece of her initial writing:

I was alone and did not have any support from the German consulate and that is why I was such an easy prey.