The corrupt German Official: Vice Consul 
Thomas Scherer 
now in the German Consulate General, Los Angeles, California, 
Ph: (323) 930 7622, Email:

                  The corrupt German Official: THOMAS SCHERER  

 Thomas Scherer, Vice Consul  
German Consulate General
676 North Michigan Avenue (Entrance Huron Street)
Suite 3200
Chicago, Illinois 60611
Ph: (312) 202-0480
Fax: (312) 202-0466

 now in the German Consulate General, Los Angeles, California, 
Ph: (323) 930 7622,

The German Consulate (Detroit, Mr. Thomas Scherer, Vice Consul and Mr. Gerhard Einheuser, legal department) had got a police report with 7 pages by fax from St. Clair on the 17th of October 1996 which was not send up to me.

(Dan Lane Sheriff, Bruce Lindke Undersheriff, County of St. Clair, Michigan, 204 Bard Street, Port Huron, MI 48060, Fax: 810 985 5102). The fax report got the date stamp of the consulate, registration number 542, 17th of October 1996, unreadable signature.  

In this police report (overall: 7 pages) is no traffic light marked, but two years later we see it marked in 
the manipulated report of the accident.

The manipulated reconstruction had only one aim, that was to prove that a flashing blinker was there at the crossing 
on the day of the accident (September 30
th, 1996) being there since 1989, according to the bogus documents of the Road Commission 
(The criminal defrauders: attorney Googasian, Michael John and Professor Dr. Ronald W. Eck from the West Virginia University).

Later (in summer 2001) I found the former police report about the accident in the dossiers of Mr. Googasian in which no traffic lights was mentioned. In support of my appeal I asked the German consulate on November 5th, 2003 by fax to send me a copy of the American police report about the accident and other documents according to my daughter.  

The reply of the Foreign Office (Mr. Schnettger) from the 19th of November 2003 was as follows: “... that the police report you applied for is not available”. “All the documents were checked which were sent to the Foreign Office after the General Consulate of Detroit which was in charge of the accident case of your daughter before it was closed. I regret that I can’t help you more“, Mr. Schnettger.

The German officials defalcated important documents at that time and handed them on the attorney Mr. Googasian. 
Only through the defalcation of the documents and through the assistance of the German Consulate the attorney 
Mr. Googasian could complete his bogus work.  

The embezzlement of important files concerning my daughter, the disguise of criminal action and missing support from the German consulate have put severe psychological and material damage to my daughter and my whole family.  

I was called a difficult and noncooperative person by the Americans and the German consulate in Chicago because I, as mother, refused to contribute to covering up the criminal actions concerning the planned murder of my daughter and the insurance fraud.  

How much money from the millions of dollars which have been stolen, were given to the German civil servants 
(Thomas Scherer, Gerhard Einheuser, Frau Dagmar Schmidt) will remain an enigma we do not know, but it sure was a lot.
Insurance fraud is one of the most profitable businesses of all times.

Quotation from the "JUNGE WELT" newspaper, Berlin, November 30th, 2004: "Today, the corruption in Germany has reached exorbitant forces. Because of the corruption, Germany has approximately 68 billion euros damage. This amount results from the investigations of different research institutes. 
Only 2-5% of the corruption cases are beeing finalized and only one third face the justice.
The german citizens wish themeselves protection and safety and a democrat society structure.So far,that is still a dream.
Quotation from a chief from the Police Union: from the political point of view it´s not wanted that the defrauders who have been discovered should be criminally sued until the end.
Quotation from the economy professor Johann Graf Lambsdorff in "FOCUS" magazine, July 10th, 2005: "If Germany would be at the same level with Finland in the corruption list, its production would be with 6% higher. The inquiries also proove that the practice of corruption takes place especially in the higher leadership levels.
According to Transparency international,the american system is more corrupt than the german one,and the damages caused to the american state are even bigger if we take into consideration the economical power of USA.
(The 2004 Transparency International Corruption, Perceptions Index: Germany position 16, USA position 17)

Please read the successful book -The German Clan-by Jurgen Roth to find out more about the corruption and how criminal some
so called important persons of the German society are.