The criminal defrauder
and her accomplices: Maria Klatzo-Treusch (now Masha Treusch-Pelzer)
274  N. Main St, Marine City, MI 48039, Ph: (810) 765-5754


Accomplice: Brian Patrick Lynch 
  (former boyfriend of my 
4414 Maple Pointe Trail, Grand Blanc, MI 48439, Collegedegree in Port Huron, MI; broke up his study at the "University of Michigan" in Ann 
  Arbor. At present he is employed 
  by GM, Pontiac


Accomplice: Jeremy Luke
, 241 North Main St,
Marine City, MI 48079, Ph:(810)765-4512, (date of birth: 8-16-1977


Accomplice:  Kevin  James Raica, 616 Pagoda, Marine City, MI, 48079, Phone: (810) 765-2874 

From the beginning the host family Dr. Paul and Masha Treusch told me that foreign children under 18 years, as my daughter was 16 years old in 1994, could not have an own account or savings deposit at an American bank. 
Therefore the college money for my daughter was remitted directly from the savings bank of Bad Oeynhausen to an American account (27,000.00 Dollar) of the Treusch famliy in Marine City.  

But during my 6 months staying in the USA (in 1996) I did not get anything from the Treuschs regarding my daughter’s documents, jewellery (e.g. a golden necklace and earrings with emeralds, bought in Canada for 4.000,- DM) statements of account and other expenditures. I only got worthless clothes and the answer of Mrs Treusch that my daughter had got all her valuables with her.  
I do not mind so much the money or the jewellery in this case but the criminal plans and the character of this host family Treusch that destroyed my beloved daughter and our family. That is why I mentioned these things.  

Something strange: on the date of my daughter's accident (
September 30th, 1996) Masha Treusch's father Igor Klazo (born in Russia) visited us. 
He talked with his daughter on the phone and then told us that a driver crossed the intersection and overlooked the stop sign, and that there was no traffic light at the intersection.

 Curious:  During the interrogation by the attorney Paul and Masha Treusch were not asked if they were at the crossing and if there was a flashing light at the crossing, although the crossing is only 5 km away from their apartment, and it is the shortest distance and the most used street to the express highway to Detroit. Unimportant questions were asked to distract from the legal situation.  

It is curious that the insurances of the Treusch family  also were changed on the 27th of September 1996, consequently 3 days before the planned criminal car accident.    

We suppose that there is only one explanation for the fact that this criminal woman Marsha Treusch could contract so many falsified life and accident insurances: Either she had a falsified adoption document for my daughter (made by herself or a judge), or she had a falsified (notarial) authorization from my daughter or from me. If she really had a real notarial authorization, then my daughter's and my signature were falsified. 

We heard that she adopted another adult student later.
She had contracted life insurances for all her adopted children; that is written in my daughter's insurance contract from University of Wayne: “all children insured with 500.000 Dollar” - but she had not got the opportunity to murder them yet. My daughter was her first victim. My daughter was not her child.

I sent the first query (a registered letter) concerning the falsified signature in the insurance contract to Michigan State Police in July 2001.

Since Mr. Treusch has been murdered (in the night of October 13th, 2001) we live with the constant fear that something could happen to my daughter or my family and that we could get murdered by Googosian and his accomplices or hired killers from Eastern Europe or elsewhere. We mainly have fear when we visit our daughter in the USA.  

All insurances of the accused paid only the minimal amounts of money, and noone was blamed for my daughter's accident.
Mrs. Masha Treusch was member of the City Commission in the supervisory board of Marine City.
(Maria Klazo, born in Russia, now Commisioner Masha Treusch-Pelzer).

My daughter told me several times that she had to do house-work at the Treuschs especially on Saturdays getting only little money and that she had to look after the Treusch’s children when the parents went out. Moreover she had to help the children doing their homework for school.  

Shortly after the accident I daily visited my daughter in the University of Michigan Hospital  for 6 months. There I was told about taking organs (liver, kidneys, etc.) from my daughter  when she dies.
My daughter never
said something like it. I am convinced that the Treusch family has something to do with this fact.
(Re: Fritsch Christine, The University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Anbor, Michigan, Reg No: 2 705 261 7; Departament of Surgery, Section of General Surgery, Wendy L. Wahl, M. D. Attending Surgeon; Aki Puryear, M.D. Resident Surgeon)

In a falsified accident or life insurance with the value of one million dollars
  BRIAN LYNCH (ex-boyfriend)  was surely registered as Accident D & D Beneficiary.  
 Brian Lynch got 1.000.000,00 Dollar as disability compensation for my daughter.  
 We don’t know how much money he had to give to Googasian’s ring.

The planned accident was done by  Jeremy Luke Manion   with his father’s car, according to his deposition. 
The insurance was contracted by the mother of Jeremy Luke Manion. 

The police did not investigate about his blame according to the accident (blood test for alcohol and drugs)
Only on the next day after the accident the police asked him at home about the facts of the accident.  

It was curious that Luke Manion’s car insurance was changed on the 20th of September 1996 and was only valid for 6 months from the 20th of September 1996 to the 20th of March 1997, consequently since ten days before the accident.  

Although the car of my daughter was not involved in the accident, the insurance of my daughter pays everything. 
You can read in all the documents of Mr. Attorney Googasian that the Insurance Policy Number was  “unknown”.  

 The driver Kevin Raica (oncoming traffic)  drove into the right side of Jeremy’s car at full tilt and severely injured my daughter as passenger.  
It is curious that Raica's insurance did not pay any indemnification to my daughter.  
Raicas insurance did not pay any compensation to my daughter, because Raica gave the wrong statement, that there was no traffic light at the intersection. I have not found a copy of Mr. Raica’s car insurance in Mr. Googasian’s documents.

The police did not investigate about his blame according to the accident (blood test for alcohol and drugs, tire marks, penalty, driving ban, etc.)  

Although his wife Patricia Raica  was  no eye witness of the accident she was questioned by the attorneys in the grilling only about her sexual life.  

 It is curious that the depositions of Jeremy Manion, Kevin Raica and Roy Smith involved in the accident are written down 
 from the recording tape only by one single person (notary Mr. Kapla).                                                                                   
 (Kimberly H. Kapla, CSR- 5096, Notary Public, Oakland County, MI.)