The criminal defrauder: ex-boyfriend BRIAN PATRICK LYNCH  

The criminal defrauder: Brian Patrick Lynch  
4414 Maple 
Pointe Trail, Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439 
worker by GM

The criminal defrauder Brian Lynch, 4414 Maple Pointe Trail, Grand Blanc, Michigan 48439 
Email:; worker by General Motors in Pontiac, MI, USA 

Brian Lynch, one of the most important keymen of Googasian's ring involved in the criminal manipulation and insurance fraud.  Googasian appointed him ( with help of the corrupt judge Kirkendall) as Full-Guardian and Conservator, so that he could help them to disguise the criminal actions. 

During my visit (from October 1st to the end of March 1997) I could not view the intersection where the accident took place. Brian Lynch always refused my wish to view the place of the accident by telling me different excuses (he had no time, he was tired, we would go tomorrow, etc.). At the beginning he often told me that there was no traffic light at the intersection, and that was an important reason for me to authorize an attorney.
(Attorney Mark R. Daane; Hooper, Hathaway, Price, Beuche & Wallace, P.C. Ann Arbor, MI) 

Only with Brian Lynch as Conservator Googasian's ring can get death benefit or money from possibly existing life insurances when my daughter dies. 

Mrs. Constance L. Jones, Attorney for Brian Lynch: 300 N. Fifth Ave., Ste. 220, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104; Ph: (734) 747-9989, Facsimile: 734/994-1201, Email:

Attorney Michael R. John (Firm Highland & Zanetti, Southfield, MI) von did not ask him at all if he has been to the intersection where the accident took place and if there has been a traffic light. (notary Richar L. Nizza, CSR-2344).

The Comerica Bank supported the insurance defrauders (Googasian Ring) to falsify the bank documents of my daughter to misappropriate her money later on. 

On January the 1st 2001 Mr. Brian Lynch was illegally nominated as joint proprietor of my daughter’s bank account, ($403.876,96) although only I was Conservator and Full-Guardian. 
The man who changed the power of disposition of my daughter’s bank account was Mr. Larry Schupbach (Ph: (248) 358-7461, Privat Agent, Comerica Bank Michigan, USA). 

I did not know anything about this at any time and was neither informed by my attorney Googasian nor by Brian Lynch. 
I noticed that wrong power of disposition by chance when I demanded my daughter’s statements of account from Brian Lynch. 

The address of my daughter’s bank account also was falsified, giving the impession that my daughter was living with Mr.Brian Lynch. But she neither lived with him nor was she engaged or married to him.

After the police department and the bank was informed about the situation I got back the right to be the joint proprietor of my daughter’s bank account.

All these falsifications were known by the FBI, the American court of justice, president Bush, Mrs. Bush, the University of Wayne, Detroit and others. Mr. Lynch admitted these falsifications and actions at court in Ann Arbor, MI, on August 6th/7th, 2001. 

C. By order or recommendation directly from the insurance defrauders or with the help of the German politicians, the district court of Bad Oeynhausen invalidatet the German right of care for my daughter.
Shortly after that the cheater Brian Lynch reported to the care home (where my daughter is accomodated) that my right for care in Germany was invalidated. On the phone with the nurses of the care home i was often asked if that was right.
How could the cheater Brian Lynch know of this illegally invalidated care?
After my protest with placards in front of the district court Bad Oeyenhausen (NRW) and headlines in the local Newspaper “Neue Westfälische“, TV and Magazines the at first disallowed right for care was awarded to me again. 
Interesting: the contacts of the insurance defrauders can contribute to the German judgements. 

Protest: The district court Bad Oeynhausen deprived me of my rights to the advantage of the American Insurance Mafia.