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The criminal defrauders: George Googasian, Craig M. Weber  and  Thomas H. Howlett


The criminal defrauder 
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The criminal defrauder
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 But the wire-puller and most important manipulator in the background to prevent my daughter to return to Germany was    
 my former American attorney  Googasian and his employer John T. Roger, Craig M. Weber and Thomas H. Howlett.            

At that time I was forced to sign an incorrectly translated document (Release) in his office.

None of the involved people (the responsible people of the insurance company, the attorney Googasian, Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban (attorney assistant), Brian Lynch, the Treusch family, attorney Bemish etc.) wanted to tell something about the insurances of my daughter.  

Attorney Mark Daane, who at first was entrusted with the case by Mrs. Dr. Fritsch, personally was at the accident crossing in November 1996 and could convince himself that no traffic light was installed. In accordance with that he prepared an action against the Road Commission St. Clair. Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban and Brian Lynch impelled me, so I changed to Mr. Googasian.

I, as mother, Conservator and Full-Guardian was neither informed about or invited to this lawsuit where they decided about the compensation for my daughter.

The mediation was an assembly of criminals and deceivers to get money from the fake insurances of my daughter. 
The mediation is a procedure where rich criminals and deceivers can evade the laws of the USA. 
The court procedure with a jury was replaced by the mediation, which is the favoured procedure for rich criminals. 
In a court procedure with a jury the attempted murder of my daughter and the embezzlement of the insurances would have been revealed.

Beside Mr. Lynch and his accomplice Mr. Googasian there are other persons to prevent the return of our daughter to Germany until today. About these I like to tell you now:  

At that time my American attorney Mr. Googasian requested me to name someone as a Co-Guardian in the meantime. 
As this was  pretended a legal order I named Mr. Brian Lynch as a Co-Guardian. My daughter was neither married with nor engaged on Brian Lynch

The attorney Mr. Googasian always assured, and this was told me by Brian Lynch as my translator, that Christine’s case would be a court hearing with a jury. He made a video recording and took many great photos to impress the jury.   

Mr. Googasian has got 300.000 $ for my daughter from the Road Commission St. Clair without a lawsuit because of this new law I told you before. Mr. Googasian got one third of the 300.000 $ as his fee besides receiving other charges. Further on I heard about Mr. Googasian having received a payment from my daughter’s car insurance, too (State Farm Insurance).  I also was not asked by a judge wether I was satisfied with the compensation for my daughter. 
These 300.000 Dollar were only paid courteously by Road Commission St. Clair, because no-one was guilty for the accident. In addition to his honorarium from my daughter's indemnification (1/3 of the contingent fee) Attorney Googasian had separately been paid by State Farm Insurance of Michigan for his falsifying work. 
She is suffering from a not working coordination on her right side, her right arm and her right leg are not efficient. 
Further on she is suffering from not working oral movements, she cannot speak and go, sitting in a wheel-chair,uncontrolled evacuation of her bladder and only able to communicate with the help of her computer. 
In comparison to the situation of my daughter I like to tell you the example of Sheryll Golf (32) from New York working at a police department who could not tolerate her colleagues watching porno videos and telling shabby jokes on duty. 
She brought an action against the local administration and got 320.000 $.    

Before I signed the document of the compensation for my daughter Mr. Googasian wanted me to give him a testament (which I gave him) and informations about my properties without telling me the reason why. I assume he wanted to know something about my financial situation. After attorney Googasian had got the claimed testament he became another human being who forced me together with Brian Lynch to sign a release.The testament is at the Probate Court of Washtenaw I was alone at that time, under shock and with no help fighting against those brutal deceivers. 

During the three years of the trial I did not get any information from him and never heard about a mediation. I found this mediation concept in the documents of Mr. Googasian in 2001 for the first time. 

The defrauders like Googasian capture the clients whit dubios promises and then they throw them in personel and financial ruin, together whit their families.

He always talked about 20 million dollars which had to be paid by the Road Commission, according to the strong disability of my daughter, the missing traffic light at the crossing, the high speed of Jeremy’s car, and the bad roads, etc.
But attorney Googasian together with his cooperators manipulated everything from the beginning, cheated me and claimed a mediation by the court of St. Clair.

Attorney Googosian foully lied to me and deceived me. Although I often asked him about my daughter's insurances, I was told that my daughter's insurances were not relevant and that he only worked on the dissentient insurances. 
At that time I knew from my daughter that there was an obligative student insurance at Wayne State University; but Googasian told me that this insurance was too small and was not important.
  Each time Brian Lynch was present as translator.
The defrauder Brian Lynch illegally acted as translator, although          
 he hardly knows some German. We never had an official translator.                                                                                   

Probably Mr. Lynch illegally argued on behalf of me about the compensation of my daughter without telling me something about it. In the opinion of an American attorney it is very possible that Brian Lynch and Mr. Googasian had got a much higher compensation which was distributed among all the persons involved.  

On Friday the 15th of June, 2001, we went to Mr. Googasian’s office to get some copies of my daughter’s insurance, but without success. We were told that he was on holiday. We replied that we would go to inform the police if we wouldn’t get the necessary copies. In the same night at 11.15 p.m. we were threatened by a stranger at the door of our motel room. 
Getting frightened we called the reception and the police which quickly arrived. They took us to another hotel to be save. Only Brian Lynch knew the address of our hotel.
We nearly had been killed by Googasian's ring. I’m very afraid that we could fall a victim to a plot for example by a planned car accident, kidnapping or a murderous attack by a rent murderer. (Ken Toney, Officer, Departament of Public Safety, 46425 Tyler Road, Van Buren Township, MI 48111, Business: 734.699.8930)  

The case of my daughter was reported by the Focus magazine and several German broadcasting stations  (Focus, Bild, Bild am Sonntag, Lisa, Neue Westfälische and TV: ZDF-Explosive, ARD, Pro 7, RTL, Sat 1, MDR, WDR).

                                         The defrauder: Attorney  RONALD E. WALKER                                                     
The attorney Mr. Ronald E. Walker has cheated and lied to me infamously. He claimed 5.500 $ before the appeal   
 started and then did nothing. He refused to give me a receipt.                                                                                   
 Ph: (313) 964-2240, Fax: (313) 964- 3025,  Email:                                                                             

The Michigan Grievance Commision is, as they say, not responsible for the frauds made by lawyers                         
 George Googasian, Sharby Pleban and Ronald Walker and is not allowed to interfear in theri business.    


Attorney GEORGE HEITMANIS also lied to us and deceived us. In one year attorney Heitmanis cashed
 up 7.000 $ from us. He would not even demand a copy of the insurances. 
 His urgent concern was about shutting down our homepage or not mentioning the insurance fraud
The insurance fraud would not be important for him in this case. 
His behaviour was very arrogant.
He was certainly very well payed by the insurance defrauders to cover everything up.
money from two sides is a very good bussiness plan.

It is unbelievable how many lies about the American laws we have heard from all the lawyers. 
Our experience with the big American law firms is, the bigger the firm, the more lies are told.
 These dubious attorneys are a dishonor for the right state the USA.

(George J. A. Heitmanis of Kemp Klein, Umphrey & Edelman & May ,P.C. 201 West Big Beaver Road, Suite 600 Troy, Michigan 48084-4161; Ph: (248) 740.5662; Fax: (248) 528-5129; Email: )