The corrupt Judge Peter E. Deegan    
  Manipulated reconstruction of the car accident by the Police and Road Commission St. Clair County   
                       State of  Michigan in The Circuit Court for the County of St. Clair, Case No. 97-000801-NI                      
          Hon. Peter E. Deegan, Dan Lane, Sheriff, Attorney George A. Googasian, Michael John, Prof. Ronald Eck                  


The corrupt Judge 
Peter E. Deegan
St. Clair County 
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The criminal defrauder Dan Lane, Sheriff 
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The criminal defrauder 
George Googasian 

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The defrauder
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The defrauder
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The criminal defrauder 
Michael R. John
St. Clair County Road Commission 
(Highland & Zanetti)
23100 Province Drive,
Southfield, MI 48075-3646
Phone: (248) 352- 9580 

Attorney Mark R. Daane, who at first was entrusted with the case by me, personally was at the accident crossing in November 1996 and could convince himself that no traffic light was installed. In accordance with that he prepared an action against the Road Commission St. Clair (Demand for Trial by Jury, March 12th, 1997). 
Mrs. Sharbyn Pleban and Brian Lynch impelled me, so I changed to Mr. Googasian because he has strong relations to politicians. 
At that time I did not know that Mr. Attorney Mark Daane was already that advanced in his investigation, no one told me. 
Mrs. Pleban was the translator. Mrs. Pleban (Guardian ad Litem) never explained to me which role she had in this whole occurrence.  

On lawyer Googasian’s orders a manipulated reconstruction of the car accident was proceeded by the St. Clair police department, Michigan under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ronald Eck.  

The manipulated reconstruction had only one aim, that was to prove that a traffic light  was there at the crossing on the day of the accident (September 30th, 1996) being there since 1989, according to the bogus documents of the Road Commission (attorney Mr. Michael John and the expert Professor Dr. Ronald W. Eck from the West Virginia University).

Deputy Randy Moore (the investigating police officer, originally responsible for the case) accepted all the criminally added falsifications by  Sergeant DAN LANE (Sheriff)  in the later police report. 
The police of Marine City and of St. Clair worked with two different dossiers.

The police and the Road Commission of St. Clair (attorney Michael John) presented a mix of photos of the place of accident (September 30th, 1996) and hundreds of manipulated reconstruction photos which are confusing for the people and which presented the impression that there had been a traffic light at the crossing Marine City-Indiana Trail on the day of the accident.  
All manipulated photos and the later completion of the police accident report (with the blinker) were only made by
Sergeant (Sheriff) Dan Lane.  
We found the manipulated photos in a bad colored copy and got many insignificant ones as original.

The manipulated reconstruction was made by Road Commission St. Clair and the police; it is a falsification, noticeable even for non-experts.

Look attentively at the photos: the different sizes of the pile of sacks, the sky - very little cloudy and very cloudy, the distance between the cars, advertising sign, etc. The shown photos can be divided into three groups.

Alltogether there are four series of photos: the photos of the accident on the day of the accident without a traffic light and three series of manipulated reconstruction photos with a traffic light. - see the photos below-


There is no photo which gives an overview of the intersection, with both of the two damaged cars, the traffic light, the Old Cheese House and houses on the left and right side of the scene of the accident. All of the photos only show the objects separated (isolated).


Group 1 of September,30, 1996):   
sunny weather, the sky very little cloudy, the accident cars, many photos with the pile of sacks in front of the house, (advertising sign "DEER FOOD", only two words in two lines), - but - without a traffic light.


Group 2 (the first manipulated reconstruction)

Manipulated isolated photo positions in the reconstruction:the sky cloudless, without the demages accident cars,with a trafic light, a little different arrangement of the pile of sacks (a different advertising sign ''DEER FOOD AND TANGS'' four words in three lines) etc.



 Group 3 (a second reconstruction that was manipulated) 
The sky very cloudy, without the damaged accident cars, with a traffic light, a little different arrangement of the pile of sacks, (a different advertising sign, three words in two lines), etc. The cloudy sky hindered the plan of the defrauders.


 Group 4 (this is the third reconstruction that was manipulated)  
The sky very cloudy, without damaged accident cars, with a traffic light, a little different arrangement of the pile of sacks, (two advertising signs in the background, another advertising sign attached to the Coke-sign and one next to coloured advertising sign; five words in three lines), etc.

 All copies of accident reports referring to accidents before Christine’s accident and to her own accident at the
intersection Marine City-Highway / Indiana Trail are falsified, they were marked with a traffic light:                  

Driver Diane Lynn Rzeppa, car accident September 13th, 1996, UD-10, 4871296, Phone: (810) 765-7032. 
Driver Jerrod Patrick Campbell, car accident February 13th, 1996, UD-10, 4218370, Phone: (810) 794-1046.  
Driver Jeffrey Joseph Tarvis, car accident July 19th, 1995, UD-10, 4445804, Phone: (810) 765-7015.
Driver Kevin Henry Dunhan,car accident October 14th, 1995, UD-10, 4872483, Phone: (810) 752-7845.

Driver Kirk Walter Sampier,car accident November 3rd, 1995, UD-10, 4502202, Phone: (810) 364-3697.

Driver Jeffery Allen Kelly, car accident October 10th, 1995, UD-10, 4446084, Phone: (810) 765-3984.

Driver John Russell Snyder, car accident March 3rd, 1995, UD-10, 4219596, Phone: (810) 367-6687.

Driver Rebecca Anne Ugorowski, car accident November 5th, 1994, UD-10, 0692099.


The documents according the investment of the traffic light in 1989 and the later repairs (changing the bulbs, changing the electric motor, etc.) are falsifications of the Road Commission of St. Clair - attorney Mr. Michael John.  

 The defrauder Prof. Ronald Eck  did neither talk to Attorney Mark Daane nor to the people involved in the accident to ask them if there was a traffic light at the intersection at that time - according to his own statement in the protocol.

The consulted expert Professor Dr. Eck falsified everything. Apart from the bribe for his falsifications, he was paid very well  by the compensation money of my daughter. There is a constant manipulation with two different dossiers according to all the people involved. 

It is curious that the depositions of Jeremy Manion, Kevin Raica and Roy Smith (involved in the accident) are written down from the recording tape only by the notary Mr. Kapla. 
(Kimberly H. Kapla, CSR- 5096, Notary Public, Oakland County, Michigan) 

St. Clair County Road Commission would have given the money as a compensation  but because she is handicapped and cannot enjoy the money, they only give 300.000$ from which Googasian   took 1/3 as a honorary.

All insurances of the accused paid only the minimal amounts of money (except Kevin Raica's), and no one was blamed for my daughter's accident
Curious : The driver Kevin Raica (oncoming traffic) drove into the right side of Jeremy’s car at full tilt and severely injured my daughter as passenger. It is curious that Raica's insurance did not pay any indemnification to my daughter.

 Family Brown (owner of the Cheesehouse at the intersection)  said in the protocols that there was no traffic light at the crossing. On both drawings of the intersection of the Browns no traffic light was marked.


 Mr. Roy F. Smith’s  deposition from August 4th, 1997 clearly says that he was at home with the crossing. He has lived near by since 35 years and often used the crossing on his way home. In fact he did not see or noticed the accident or Jeremy’s car. In his deposition (August the 4th 1997) he clearly said – “now” there is a traffic light, - but the attorney 
Mr. Krochmal drew him away with other questions (for example his bearing at the stop sign etc.).

In the St. Clair Prosecuting Attorney's protocol there is no traffic light light mentioned or marked.